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Posted by Debra Carmona on 10 March 2012 | 3 Comments

The Most Imortant Aspect of Building an Online Business is Building a Website

But I am not technologically savvy. How can I build an Internet business? That is what I thought when I first got started. If you have a product, service or valuable information that you know people are searching for, that meets a need, satisfies a demand, solves a problem, or answers a question and you want to promote it online than it is a prerequisite that you have a website of your own.  The website is your store front. Your home page is your front door. Your website is the vehicle that shows your potential customers what you have to offer. Websites can be informational, educational, or an online store where people shop for products.


Many would be marketers are shied away from getting started with their own online internet business for fear that they do not know the first thing about building a website. The quality of the website can mean the success or failure of your business. When this stay at home mother first got started the idea of building my own website was a bit daunting to me too. I started with free bloggin sites, then was led to WordPress as "The place" to go. I was overwhelmed at first and thought that I had just dove in over my head so I bought courses to educate me on the process. But now I find that I am actually having fun building new websites and have created several.

There are Different Types of Websites

  • Capture page: The purpose of a capture page is to capture a lead. A capture page is usually smaller in width than websites and often has no other pages. It usually has an Opt-In form which captures the lead (otherwise known as the prospect) into the sales funnel.
  • A Sales Funnel: A funnel is a series of pages that guides the visitor from a lead into a customer, that may lead to a continued relationship with you.
  • Landing Page: A landing page can have multiple purposes that lead your visitor into taking an action such as subscribing to your email list, making a purchase, or taking a course. A landing page can be the first page on a capture page site or one of many pages where the customer shops for jewelry.
  • Content Site: Conten sites are for the main purpose of sharing a lot of information that may or may not be related to one particular topic or product. If you have a lot to share and like writing you can create a content site.
  • Niche Site: A niche is typically connected to a very specific product, service or peice of information. A niche site typically has fewer pages, but can be a complete website. The content on a niche site will be written to focus arund one or two keyword phrases.
  • Blog Site: It has been said that blogging is the new media because it has become a very popular mode for sharing information from the average common person to share news, and or facts with a host of topics such as politics, healthy living, recipes, animals care, business building, etc. Each post should be written around a keyword phrase so that each page becomes a sort of niche.
  • Hub Site: A blog site or standard website can be a hub site. A hub is considered the center of your space on the Internet where other websites of any type can link to and from.
  • Business Site: A business site in not a blog but  serves as the head-quarters of a business. A business site can also be considered a conent site as it can contain alot of information about a business. A blog can be attached, but is not the focus or intent.
  • Followup Email: Followup Email is not a website but it is part of the funnel and systems needed for maketers to offer a complete service. Email like a website is a vehicle used to connect with those who are searching for what we have to offer. Aweber is a very functional system to help you track your leads and connect with them automatically through periodic auto-responder emails that you set up.
  • Social Networking Sites: Not a website but a hangout where people of like mind or common interests connect with each other such as Facebook, Myspace, and Google+. Some people try to use Facebook to sell their products and services but social networking sites are not as effective as a fully functional website. LinkedIn social networking site is designed to connect with other business professionals. MLSP networking site connects with like minded internet marketers for support and encouragement. Other social netorking sites like Twitter are designed more for following what others are doing or talking about so one can feel like they are in the know of the hot topics of the day.

Free website building sites are limited in what they can do. You can get a WordPress Blog for free and it is possible to set up a great site after you have added all the right plugins which means it will take some time for you to learn which plugins are right for you and install them then you will need to give yourself some time to learn how to operate with it. Word Press sites are popular and well liked by Google and can serve you well once you have overcome the learning curve. WordPress sites can also be equally testing and challenging to the brand new entrepreneur.

I much prefer the HubOpus website building system designed for marketers because it is so much easier to learn even for new non-technically savvy entrepreneurs as I once was. New entrepreneurs can easily master website building without purchasing additional training helps. The HubOpus system has all the nessessary components to set up your site without having to search for and apply the right plugins and is so adaptable that you can use it to set up any one of the various types of sites described above. Whether you want a simple blogging site, a more complex website to sell your products or services or a rich content site, the controls are in your hands.

I have both Word Press sites and HubOpus sites and am running both successfully but I prefer the complete control that I have to personalize my HubOpus site, plus it is easier to understand with the added benefit of additional help if I should run into a problem that I cannot fix myself. Plus, I love the added feature of being able to have multiple sites with different themes and content for the different purposes all contained within one easy to use system.


Avoid Duplicated Websites and Content

One more important note about website creation is stay away from online businesses that tell you that you can just use their websites that they created to promote your product and all you have to do is buy a new domain name and have it attached to that dulicated site. Other people will also be using that same page but with different domain names and you will all be competing against each other for the same traffic. Google does not like duplicated content and will be quick to flag your site and your business will not ever get off the ground.  Your website must be your own original organic content. Spend some time looking at other people's websites and observe what they are doing to help formulate some of your own original ideas.


Things to Consider as You Plan Your Website

What do you have to offer? product, information or service?  What type of person, business, or organization could use your product or service? How can your product, information or service help them? meet their need? solve their problem? How do you find your prospect? Where are they most likely to hang out online? What key words will they search for to find what they are looking for? Use those key words to draw attention to your site.





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