bod Is The Private Life Dead?

Is The Private Life Dead?

Posted by Debra Carmona on 10 March 2012 | Add a Comment

Is Google Peeking into Our Private Lives?

Is the Private Life Dead?

A current news story was claiming that people are concerned that Google tracks all their Internet activities including the searches you seek so they can modify their search results to be closer to your previous history of searches. Is that really a bad thing or a more efficient use of the Internet?


I can understand people's concerns for desiring privacy and they should be concerned by taking an active role in just how much or how little information is being shared with the public. Most people have Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter accounts where a host of personal details are being freely shared with the World Wide Web. So some have said that the private life is dead. Let me remind you that people are willingly sharing even the most intimate details of their lives, where they are, who they are with, who they are in a relationship with, how they are feeling, etc. The good, the bad and the ugly is out there on display. Nobody is forcing anyone to share these details but they choose to share them not realising just how many people can view their information almost any moment of the day. Most of the social networking sites, search sites, and email servers have privacy settings or options so you can hide some or all of your information. You can control what you want to share with the world wide web and what your interests are. It is up to you to decide what you want to keep private and how much you want to share. Parents should make sure that their unsuspecting children are not sharing personal home addresses and phone numbers to be misused by pedophiles. I do not publish my home address nor my private phone number for my personal safety. So it realy boils down to good old fashioned common sence and taking responsibility for your own actions and information.


Google's objective is to give the best search result experience so that you find exactly what you are seeking. What could be so wrong about that?  Yes, it is true that advertisers also do the same to target their advertising campaigns towards the most likley prospect who may buy their product. This works for businesses who have a specialized product for specific profiles of people.  Even email services do the same. It is good for business and also puts the right products in front of the right audience.  I think it is beneficial for both sides of the fence. For the marketers it places their ads in front of the people who would most likely be interested in their particular offer saving them wasted money on non targeted ad campaigns. For the consumer, they are introduced to products that closely match who they are and their particular interests saving them time shopping in search for the right products.


In my oppinion the only ones who may be most alarmed by their own online activites being monitored and tracked are those who are up to no good such as those who secretly view pornography behind their spouses or parents back, or who research ways to steal, or study ways to scam others, plan terroist attacks or a host of other dishonest other activites. If a computer is shared in a family and you start seeing some undesireable ads it may give you clues where your computer has been. As a parent, I think that too would also be a good thing to alert parents to pay closer attention to what their children or spouses are doing online. It can also serve as a great deterant if everyone knew that all Internet activity is being monitored and tracked and that somewhere history is being stored. So, if everything you do online is up and up then you have nothing to hide so there is no danger for you.


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