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I have worked in home business opportunities where I had to keep an inventory so that I could service my customers which meant quessing which products they might need and the products that I did not sell would sit on the shelves of my in home store collecting dust. It was costly if I had purchased the wrong products. My previous retail experience taught me that what people are really looking for is exceptional service. I became a good saleswomen by not trying to sell, but instead helped to meet the needs of the customer. I developed good rapore with my clients and they preferred me over other employees because I made them feel valued and encouraged them to make their own choices by sharing information to help them make an informed choice. I never liked pushy salemen so never desired to be one myself. Although I have selling experience I really do not like to sell anyone else's products. I worked in the retail business for five years working my way up to management.


The Problem With Salaried and Wage Incomes

Working a salaried job is much like being married to a job that controls your life and is so much more work than it is worth. You often have to put in extra time with no extra compensation. It is difficult to break away and take some time off. Even wage earners have a hard time getting time off. The job monopolizes your time and energy. My Daughter & IOne time I was denied a vacation when I requested a week off to take my daughter to a special mother & daughter retreat eventhough I had given them a full months notice and helped to train new employees to fill my slot. I told them that if I do not get that week off that I would quit. The boss informed me that employees do not make ultimatums. That is when I realised that the employer owned me. To keep my promise to my daughter I had to quit even though at the time I needed that extra paycheck. My decision to put her first left an impression on my daughter that is priceless. When I left that job I told myself I will never work an hourly wage job again.


Finding the Right Work at Home Business for Me

As a homeschooling mother of six children I did not want to work a job outside of the home. I desired to be my own boss with a work at home business because nothing is more important than family. I have been looking for the right home based business for a long time trying many different ones over the years. Some business opportunities had some great products and inspiring people to work with, with lots of recognition offered to the achievers. I had my moments of success and even led some instructional sessions based on my own experiences with the opportunity or products. I have tried the whole gambet from companies that hold home parties to Multi Level Marketing (MLM) opportunities. I sold health products, beauty products, home products, and air fresheners for a time. Finally, I have found a company like no other with not only great products but also an amazing support team with awesome trainings to educate me in all the ins and outs of online marketing.


Doing What We Love Is So Satisfying

We feel most comfortable sharing from our own experiences. I am an artist, Art is My Hobby, It is my specialty so it was quite natural for me to become an art teacher. My success as an art teacher has happened almost effortlessly with a growing demand for my service so much so that I have had to expanded my service to an online business of it's own. In all of my search for the right online business opportunity I learned how to market my own skills, services, and products over the internet. Take a peek at my personal business Online Art Lessons which is one of the bi-products that I have learned from my quest to do business online. Perhaps it may be an inspiration to one of your great ideas.


If you would like to learn yet more about me visit my other Blogsite where I share more about myself and all the varied things that I have done. The theme of that site is to offer solutions to a broad range of subjects from domestic activities to politics. I am not selling anything on that site just giving free information to be a help and inspiration for others with the belief in oneself that YOU CAN do so much more than you even thought possible. I hope it will be an inspiration to you. Let me add that the company I am a proud member of has the best website building system that actualy makes website creation fun and easy.

A Mobile Existence

I was born and raised in Maine, moved to New Hampshire where I managed a retail store that later promoted me to another store in upstate New York where I met and married my husband then moved to Florida where my oldest son was born. My husband was active duty in the United States Air Force. Our first overseas tour was Japan where we birthed two more sons. Our next assignment took us to Washington state where we lived for six years and had two more sons and a daughter making a total of six children, five sons and only one daughter who was the fifth child. Our travels took us to Guam then California where my husband retired after 20 years in the USAF. I refused to live in California so we moved to Delaware where we lived for six years. We currently reside in the state of South Carolina.

Military Family

My children are grown young adults working their way out of the nest. Two sons are currently serving in the Air Force, one son in the Marines, and my youngest son will be leaving for basic training in the Army this summer which will leave us with no children at home. That is something I am actually looking forward to, a new chapter in our lives.  Will I stay in South Carolina? Probably not. One of the beauties of an online business is that you can live anywhere you want to. You are not bound to live near any specific geographical location.


Developing a Successful Online Business

The Internet is a fantastic place to meet new people and share your business opportunity, product or service in front of thousands of people who are searching for financial freedom. I have already taken the road of exploration checking out many online business options. I can save you time from searching, spending money on dead ends, and help get you started in the right place connected with the right people. We are an Internet marketing business with a stand alone marketing system with some great products that offer solutions to help people rise above their economic stalemate even during times of economic trouble. You will not have to keep an inventory of products. You will not have to sell anything because the system will do that for you. You will not even have to make followup calls if you do not want to. We will do that for you while you are learning all there is to learn about marketing online. This is truly a partnership where we actually help one another become a success.

I would love to help you reach financial freedom and see you fulfill your dreams and acomplish your life goals so that you too can be free to enjoy your family. Children only grow up once so we need to be there for them now.


Debra Carmona

Thank you,
Debra Carmona

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